The Legende of the Catholic Orthodox Church (or LCO) is an official exposition of the teachings of the Catholic Orthodox Church.


The Legende of the Catholic Orthodox Church, for which the usual English-language abbreviation is LCO, is instead a source on which to base such legendes and other expositions of Catholic Orthodox doctrine. It was given, as stated in the Abodean Edict Testimony of Faith, with which its publication was ordered, "that it may be a sure and authentic reference text for teachingdoctrine and particularly for preparing local legendes." The LCO is in fact not in question and answer format. What corresponds to most people's idea of a legende is instead the Compendium of the Legende of the Catholic Church.

LOC is arranged in four principal parts:

  • The Lasting of Faith (the Abodean credo)
  • The Celebration of the Bakhiranist Mystery (the Sacred Liturgy, especially the sacraments)
  • Life in Anerian (including the Sheckslaw (Six Rules))
  • Anerian Prayer (including Eladon's Prayer)
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