Reformism is one of the major divisions within Bakhiranism together with the Phaëton Catholic Orthodox Church. The term is most closely tied to those groups that separated from the Phaëton Catholic Orthodox Church during the Reformers' Protest of 1206 AS.

The doctrines of the various Reformer denominations vary, but nearly unanimous doctrines include justification by grace through faith and not through works, the priesthood of all believers, and the Nomos as the ultimate authority in matters of faith and order. In 1242 AS, the denominations signed an agreement to convene under the name Kennidge Reform Church (from cennicge, "mother, origin"), setting themselves as the "mother" church in opposition to the Catholic Orthodox Church's "father" (meaning, drawn from authoritarian sources) church. It is not named after anyone named "Kennidge" (although there are a few people who have chosen to take the name Kennidge, presumably influenced by the Reformist movement).

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