The Eladonic religions (also known as Eladonic faithsEladonic traditionsreligions of EladonEladonic monotheistic religions, etc.) are historically the galaxy's three primary monotheistic faiths of Khesedism, Bakhiranism, and Medi Ar, which share a common origin and values. The origins of Eladonic religion are found in Khesedism, which began in 1,700 PS when the Nomos was first given to the people of Abidah. Some 1,500 years later Bakhiranism was formed by the followers of Hálor. Medi Ar was founded by Nathir in the 3rd century AS upon the teachings in the Nomos. For some 1,300 years their histories and thought have been intertwined. They are considered inextricably linked to one another because of a 'family likeness' and a certain commonality in theology. They are faiths that recognize a spiritual tradition identified with Eladon. The sacred narratives of all three of these religions feature many of the same figures, histories and places in each, although they often present them with slightly different roles, perspectives and meanings.

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Some say the religions themselves are the syncretic fusion of much older religions. (See the poem "The Good, the Chosen, and the Servants" by the modern poet Gazal.) Some also speculate that each of these religions, accordingly, will some day fuse into one. A proposal for such a notion was set forth in a paper by Dr Ater Elon, calling the religion Unified Nimani.

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