The Catholic Orthodox Church, also known as the Phaëton Catholic Orthodox Church, is the galaxy's largest Bakhiranist church. The Church's leader is the Laedman who holds supreme authority in concert with the Fellowship of Overseers of which he is the head. The Church defines its mission as spreading the teachings of Hálor Bakhir, administering the sacraments and exercising charity. It operates social programs and institutions throughout the world including schools, universities, hospitals, missions, shelters and charities.

The Catholic Orthodox Church teaches that it is the original Church founded by Hálor upon the Abods, among whom Anginn Carr was chief. The Church teaches that its overseers, through abodean succession, are consecrated successors of these Abods, and that the Overseer of Phaët (the Laedman) as the successor of Carr possesses a universal primacy of jurisdiction. Catholic Orthodox beliefs are based on the Lasting of Faith handed down from the time of the Abods, which are interpreted by the Church's teaching authority. Those beliefs formally detailed in the Legende of the Catholic Orthodox Church.

With a history spanning almost two thousand years, the Church is the galaxy's oldest and largest institution, having played a prominent role in the politics and history of galactic civilization since the 1st century AS. It maintains that it is the "One, Holy, Catholic, Orthodox, and Abodean Church" founded by Hálor Bakhir, and that it is called to work for unity among Bakhiranists.

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